Sports Performance Rehab

At Gray Duck PT We Work With Athletes, Runners, Active Adults, And Weekend Warriors To Help You Reach New Personal Records, Increase Your Speed And Strength, And Perform Better In Your Favorite Sport

Not only do we help get you better after an injury…we help you prevent a future one!

You’re not just going to leave here feeling better, but you’ll also be a better athlete.

Whether You’re Injured Currently Or Just Want To Perform At The Next Level, We Have Services That Can Help:
Injury Screening

At Gray Duck Physical Therapy we treat the body as a whole. Through our extensive training and experience, we are aware of specific movements and motor control that often prefaces injury. We will identify and target any weak areas to help bulletproof the rest of the body and decrease the likelihood of sustaining injuries in the future.

Pain Assessment

The assessments at Gray Duck are one of the things that set us so far apart from the rest of the industry. Many personal trainers and various medical professionals have come up with their own assessments based on their experience over the years, but our assessments have been assembled from the most advanced orthopedic, physiology, and biomechanical sources.


The body’s ability to recover from frequent workouts is the key to athletic success. Good training programs put targeted stresses on the body’s musculoskeletal system as well as the nervous system. Our recovery strategies are modeled to provide the exact same services to our clients that professional athletes are provided by their teams and are carried out by our Doctors of Physical Therapy.


We pride ourselves on educating all of our clients how to move properly, why we chose each exercise and its purpose it serves towards enhancing their overall performance. We pride ourselves on providing this education as this education ultimately allows our athletes to be independent and train safely and effectively even when we aren’t there to guide them.

Performance Enhancement

Gray Duck Physical Therapy is a leader in cutting edge sport performance training. We can help you increase your speed, run farther distances, power, work towards a new personal record, gain strength, and much more. You’ll be a totally different athlete after working with us.

Don't Take Our Word For It

Steve M  

I highly recommend Dr. Nick and Grey Duck. First things first – my knee pain has gone away and for this, I am grateful. Dr. Nick is passionate about getting people to feel better. His goal is not to get you return – his No. 1 goal is to get you to feel better. His motivation and intentions are pure – reduce pain and keep it away. It’s refreshing to have a health care provider with a authentic attitude and passion about the service they provide. Visits don’t feel rushed, and he has answered all my questions.

Each session we review the work I have done myself, then he answers any questions I have and then he makes necessary tweaks and adjustments to the plan. In 6 weeks, (weekly visits) I have so much progress and in my mobility – it’s fun to see.

I am thankful for Dr. Nick and Gray Duck! They are rock stars!


Tasha B  

I honestly had no idea how helpful PT could be. Past experience would have me believe that PT was for post injury/surgery, focusing on decreasing pain and get moving again. I now know it’s SO much more. I reached out to Dr. Nick after attending a shoulder health seminar at my gym. I’m I CrossFit coach. I’m also currently doing a body building program, I plan to compete in Spring 2022. I had a significant amount of knee pain after doing barbell box step ups. I was convinced I had a significant knee injury. I was very concerned it was going to halt my training. My first assessment with Dr. Nick was nothing less than amazing! I didn’t leave there with a list of exercises to do at home, a referral for imaging and orders to rest. I left there, with minimal pain, encouragement to keep moving, direction on how to move and a very real plan to CONTINUE my training. Dr Nick didn’t treat the injury. He treated me, as a whole person. He assessed why I had the knee pain in the first place and then showed me what I needed to work on to keep it from happening again. I am so incredibly grateful to be in his care. I am a 47 year old women, working towards a bodybuilding competition. I am learning how to train in a way that keeps me from injury and allows my body to do what it was designed to do. I highly recommend Dr. Nick at Gray Duck PT for any athlete or non athlete dealing with pain.


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