You Can Become Pain Free Forever

Everyone is looking for a fast easy fix to pain. Lots of people will gladly take your money and promise you fast relief. But everything fast stops working after a while.

Our methods are not fast, they are not easy, they are not cookie cutter and they are not used by very many.  You will get our proven, completely natural long-term tools for pain relief. You'll get personalized therapeutic exercise that brings you out of pain and back to enjoying what you love.

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"Gray Duck Physical Therapy has changed my life. After trying all the mainstream orthopedic places I had little hope. Then somebody introduced me to Dr. Nick."
- Claudia O

Life's Too Short To Avoid The Activities You Love.

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Avoid Unwanted Side Effects

Avoid injections, surgery, and pain medications. Real work with real results.

Reclaim Your Activities

Don't get stuck on the sidelines, set yourself up to enjoy your hobbies for years to come.

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Be Your Story's Hero

Take care of yourself to be there for those who matter most and inspire others to do the same.

No Surgery. No Medication. No Injections.
Just Results

Precise rehabilitation with scientific data-driven thought processes combined with skilled exercises prescriptions and hands-on techniques.

Tailored Evaluation/Sport Analysis

Manual Therapy

Spine/Joint Mobilizations

Specific Exercise Prescription

"I was ready to give up and just live with the pain every day for the rest of my life. Saw his ad and decided to go for the consultation, gave him a shot and I am very grateful that I did! I haven't felt this good in years!"

- Paul H

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